Curtain Rods Design

GCurtain focus on Curtain rods design for 20 years, We define the curtain rods

in a modern style. The ideas of design comes from the Scandinavian design.

For years the curtain rods ​prefer the complex and Romantic way, The decoration

of window seems to be feminine in life. 

GCurtain based with years metalworking, The skills for the metal surface handling had exceed to Nano level. Most of all they can be artwork. Look into the bed windows and living room, With metal and modern style window rods make your life more rich and living.

We announce more than 100 design and we keep in 20 design rod style every year.

2019 we will launch LED window rod and straight rods for Europe and double rods for global.

OEM/ODM Service

Gcurtain also take the contract for your brand window rod design. In order to develop this service, we build up a design system. 

If you have a plan in mind, when you describe the shape and budget we will put it into reality.

First we go through with the design script, when you confirm with the scripts, we put it into the 3D models. When you are satisfied with the design, we put it into the budget calculation. After the budget approved the production goes in 3 months.

To know further please contact with us.

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